How To Buy Field Hockey Stick

Before the 19th century, field hockey was played in England. Today, it is a universal sport played across the world. Other than one’s expertise, you need quality field hockey sticks. They are valuable assets you should have on the field. Other than helping you improve your skills, they contribute to your overall performance. This is because they allow you to execute well during the game time. It is advisable to find the appropriate field hockey gear as they have a direct impact on your performance during the game. The followihockey ng are the features to take into account before buying:

  • Size
  • Toe design
  • Bow
  • Weight
  • Position
  • Level of play

Do you buy the most expensive hockey stick?

It is a fact that these field hockey sticks can be quite pricey. However, you need to know that the most expensive is not always the best for you. If you are a beginner and still learning the sport, you should first buy cheap ones. This is because you may need to change them from time to time.

Expensive hockey sticks are known to have adequate carbon content. This makes them quite powerful and stiff. The power and stiffness make it quite difficult to stop the ball, maneuver it during the game, and control it. The good thing with affordable field hockey sticks is that they are made with wood, aramid, or fiberglass. These materials are less rigid, less powerful, and lightweight. They make it quite easy for a player to stop the ball and play.

What is the appropriate size?

Nowadayhockey s, these sticks are available in a broad range of lengths. This means that every player can find the right fit. It is necessary to note that field hockey sticks drastically affect your comfort on the pitch and game. For example, a stick, which is long can be quite difficult to maneuver. Moreover, it can limit the player’s agility. Whereas, a stick that is short does not offer you the adequate power behind your passes and shots. The main methods used to determine the appropriate size of the stick are Dutch Method and the U.S. Method.

What design is the best?

Hockey sticks are designed to complement the manner a player handles the stick and strikes the ball. Small toes offer adequate agility and maneuverability. Unfortunately, it limits the striking power and surface. On the other hand, large toes offer a lot of striking the ball but reduce the overall maneuverability of the stick.